Our Mission

Africa has so much culture and wisdom to give and so much beauty to show. This is what we want to bring to the table. Literally. Creating meaningful and empowering African Tableware is our way to shine a light on the rich African culture and to offer a different way and perspective for the world to see. Our focus is on combining African culture with its spiritual symbols, pattern and stories with beautiful ceramic, clay and resin – creating our unique tableware.
We will embrace the ancient African tradition.

Our Vision

We will be the first African Tableware brand with its own factory based on Sub-Saharan Africa.
As Ghanaians ourselves we want to involve the knowledge and craftsmanship of our people in Ghana. Working together with them, offering sustainable and meaningful jobs and involving them in the process of becoming the first leading elegant African Tableware brand and embracing African tradition and culture is our vision.


Since we were little we collected mugs and it was always fun to choose which mug to use for the day, and it is still today. But now we rather choose between our Adinkra mugs, depending on what spiritual guidance we need for the day.

We believe drinking is not just essential but also a spiritual ritual. It can be your special me-time… to help you to connect with yourself and your inner spirit.

We created six individual Adinkra mugs. Each mug has it’s own spiritual meaning and gift we wish you.

The Adinkra mugs will remind you of your overcomings, your belief and culture and to cherish yourself. You will be able to adapt to the meaning and magic of the Adinkra in your daily routine while just enjoying your tea or coffee.

Adinkra symbols are a great gift from our ancestors. We wanted to share their guidance with you so we all can profit from their ancient African magic.

Remember you are not just feeding your body, but also feeding your soul.

The Mafeah Sisters

We are the sisters Julia and Michaela Tomfeah from Germany with a background from Poland and Ghana. We founded Mafeah African Tableware two years ago and launched our first collection in October 2019. At Mafeah African Tableware we create elegant tableware emphasizing the beauty of African pattern and the spiritual meaning of West African Adinkra symbols. The African continent has a lot of ancient cultural wisdom and beauty to offer. This is what we want to bring to the table. Literally.

A background from Ghana and Poland?

Yes, our parents have always made sure that we are strongly connected to our African and Polish roots and culture, even though we were raised in Munich.

Why tableware?

We have always been collecting mugs in different shapes and sizes since we were little. We love the feeling and atmosphere nice tableware can bring to the table.

What makes Mafeah African Tableware so special?

We create elegant tableware characterizing the beauty of African pattern and the spiritual meaning of Adinkra symbols. Africa has a lot of cultures to give and so much beauty to show and this is what we want to bring to the people in a new combination and design. It’s our way to shine a light on Africa in a different way and perspective for the world to see.


What do you wish your customers?

Be not only aware of what you put inside of your body but also how you feed the body…Celebrate the act itself and make it special and spiritual then be enlightened and embrace it.

The most simple things and actions can be the ones giving you enlightenment and help you to create your magic.

Julia, what is your favourite Adinkra?

Adobe Santann

The idea that we are part of something bigger is calming to me. At times when we feel lonely and doubt ourselves the awareness of it can be very empowering.

Michaela, what is your favourite Adinkra?


Finding beauty in yourself is the ultimate goal of self-love. The moment when you realize that you are content and happy with the person you have become embodies beauty to me. It is not just about the looks but what you radiate from within. Every once in a while I need a reminder.

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