Black Lives Matter ????

These last days have been exhausting and emotionally overwhelming for the black community all around the world.

We are so strongly connected with each other that even though we are separated by countries we still feel each others pain, suffering and outrage.

This invisible bond is a result of our shared African heritage.

We are at the beginning of a long journey. We have to make sure our breath is outlasting and our foundation is strong. Love will be our engine.

Love for yourself, your family and friends and those who need it the most as they are trapped in their dark minds. Feeling this constant bundle of love and light will help us even when it gets tough.

How do we build a solid foundation? We need to feed our roots and begin to let them thrive. Start with oneself. Reading more than ever about our African heritage and African tradition, meditating and praying more to connect oneself stronger to the spiritual realm and Gye Nyame. Forgive oneself in order to forgive our surrounding. Spreading love and knowledge, by loving and cherishing our culture and heritage first. By setting these roots each one of us will become a big baobab tree, covering those in need for protection, feeding the mother earth and growing towards the sun to what lies beyond.

We feel more than ever the importance of spreading the knowledge and spirituality of our ancient African culture.

This is why we at Mafeah, are working with Adinkra symbols, one of the most ancient African symbols, to spread their knowledge and guidance amongst our brothers and sisters and beyond. We must not forget where we originally come from. With this knowledge, we can discover the strength, wisdom and power of our ancestors to connect, recharge and spread empathy around the world.

Since decades the ego of small-minded people has dominated the world.

Now, more than ever it is important to come together as one and see each other for who we truly are.

What country are you from? What are your story and culture? What do you believe in?

We have to represent ourselves proudly and genuinely so people will want to know more about our lives and experience our culture, then we all profit from one another.

To our white brothers and sisters, this is the time for you to stand up and show how much love you have for us and how good of a friend and family member you are. Be aware of our problem and speak about it with us and to others, support and love us especially, in these difficult times. Stand and walk with us hand in hand. This is where our healing can only begin when you start appreciating our feelings and understanding our history. Silence can not be accepted as part of our friendship anymore.

We are all in this together. It is not black vs. white but all of us against the evil named racism.

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