The Picture Set-up of Mafeah African Tableware in the early days :)

The story behind our Adinkra Mugs

Since we were little we collected mugs and it was always fun to choose which mug to use for the day, and it is still today. But now we rather choose between our Adinkra mugs, depending on what spiritual guidance we need for the day.

We believe drinking is not just essential but also a spiritual ritual. It can be your special me-time… to help you to connect with yourself and your inner spirit. 

We created six individual Adinkra mugs. Each mug has it’s own spiritual meaning and gift we wish you. 

The Adinkra mugs will remind you of your overcomings, your belief and culture and to cherish yourself. You will be able to adapt to the meaning and magic of the Adinkra in your daily routine while just enjoying your tea or coffee.

Adinkra symbols are a great gift from our ancestors. We wanted to share their guidance with you so we all can profit from their ancient African magic. 

Remember you are not just feeding your body, but also feeding your soul.

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