The beautiful blue Osram Ne Nsoromma Adinkra mug and pink Aya mug.

What we love about tableware

We LOVE eating and drinking. Eating and drinking are one of the most natural acts. You do it because you have to survive but also they give great pleasure.

By food and water, you give your body vitamins and energy. But we also know that the body and mind are working hand in hand. 

We learn very early to eat and drink slowly. “Don’t walk while eating but rather sit down.” As soon as we become adults and start a job we try to do everything at once…So no wonder why we become easily stressed out, depressed, emotionally concerned and forget about our first life lessons.

Imagine to not just focus on what you put inside of your body but also of the action itself. Every act of our body begins with our mind.

Remember it is not just a cup of tea…it is your me-time. It is not just coffee with the girls…it is sharing your spirits, emotions and learning from and with each other. It is not just a quick morning coffee…it is your spiritual preparation for the day.

We should not only focus on what we put inside of our bodies but also on how we feed our body. When we start to appreciate the act itself we will make it special and it becomes spiritual. 

The most simple things and actions can be the ones giving us the most enlightenment. They can help us to find and create our own magic.

We, Mafeah African Tableware want to embrace the act of feeding our body AND mind. We will create not only beautiful but also spiritual tableware, starting with our first collection, the Adinkra mugs.

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