Why Mafeah tableware?

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Our Mission

Africa has so much culture and wisdom to give and so much beauty to show. This is what we want to bring to the people with a new combination and design. It’s our way to shine a light on Africa in a different way and perspective for the world to see.

Our Production

It is not just the unique design that makes our mugs so special but the whole process from start to finish. The ceramic material is processed with the individual colours of the mugs to provide long durability that cannot be washed away. This gives the mug a sturdy nature even though it looks delicately beautiful. The golden icons are screen printed and burnt into the mug but the golden lines along the rim and handle are painted by hand. However, we do not recommend the use of a dishwasher to have a longer lifespan and daily use otherwise the gold particles can wear off quickly. 

Our Quality

To achieve the beautiful look of our ceramic mugs we are working with experienced manufacturers in Poland and China. Both countries are well known for their porcelain and ceramic productions and famous tableware designs. Not many companies are capable to create our unique design and ensure good quality at the same time. 

Our Vision

By growing our tableware collection and company, we will bring this unique way of manufacturing to Africa and involve the knowledge and craftsmanship of our people in the process. To work with our people and involve them in the process of becoming a defining elegant African tableware brand is our main goal.