Gye Nyame Mug


except for God
Gye Nyame Mug:

“You are a child of God. Take a moment with me to appreciate his supremacy. Trust in God.”

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The golden Adinkra symbols and shape of the African continent are the eyecatchers on the mug. Fine golden lines decorate the rim and handle and make the look complete. The elegant combination of marble and the golden vintage look of the icons support each other and make every indulgence with your mug feel like you are treating yourself to something special. The tall mug comes with a suitable lid and an elegant golden spoon. This drinkware is also the perfect gift idea!

Please keep in mind that the colours are unique and each mug varies.

To have the best and loveliest experience with our products, make sure you wash them by hand to ensure a long lifespan. Do not wash them in the dishwasher as it will shorten their durability and wear off the gold particles. Also, try to avoid to put them into the microwave.

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Weight0.5 kg

Ceramic processed with individual colours to create unique variations of the marble look

Hand-painted golden lines containing gold particles


Hand Wash & No Microwave




Screen printed


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