"Mafeah tableware is a really cool brand that creates really unique, pretty and culturally interesting cups that represent Ghanaian culture in a way that I haven’t seen before. You have to get their cups, they’re super cute!"


"I ABSOLUTELY love Mafeah Mugs! I have every single one and for each one matches my aura when I drink from them. They are such amazing quality and are so pretty to look at. It’s such a satisfying experience and really does make a difference to my cup of tea."


"There’s nothing more English than a cup of tea and there’s nothing more Ghanaian than Adinkra symbols so as a British Ghanaian, my Mafeah Tableware mug is one of my favourite things. It’s beautifully designed and literally feels like a representation of my heritage and culture."


I adore the Mafeah brand, from the colours and design of the mugs, and tradition behind it. There’s an Adrinka sign that aligns with everyone. It’s so beautiful and the fact it’s a company ran by sisters. you can just feel the love that’s been put into it!

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The mugs are beautiful
Beautiful mugs, amazing quality!!
Thank you Lea, for your kind words! We appreciate your blessing so much ❤️
Thank you sis! We are so happy you like your mug so much ❤️
Great quality and beautiful sophisticated design
Thank you sis! ❤️
Aya Mug
First time ordering
Thank you so much Stephanie for your honest feedback! This is important for us to know so we can improve. ❤️ We are already working on our new collections (also with bigger mug shapes ). Enjoy your mug. xxx
New favorite mug !!
Thank you Anna! ❤️ Your words mean so much to us! 🙂 And yes, we are already working on other collections 😉 ❤️
Perfect way to start the day
Thank you for sharing lovely ✨ Keep enjoying your Osram Ne Nsoromma mug ❤️
Excellently crafted! Must by if you haven’t already x
Chey, thank you so much for sharing Your orders mean a lot to us ❤️
Thank you so much for your kind and wonderful words! This means a lot to us and we are so happy your mum liked it 🙂 Thank you for this blessing ❤️
Love it!
Thank you darling!
Aya Mug
Beautiful pieces!!
Thank you love. Your words are food to our soul. ❤️
Even better in Person !!
Thank you Bria, this means a lot to us ❤️
Amazing mugs
Thank you Laura dear ❤️
Great stuff
Vielen lieben Dank ❤️
Pure love!!!!
Danke Liebes, es freut uns so sehr! ❤️
Gye Nyame Mug
Beautiful Mug.
Thank you ❤️ We are happy you are enjoying your mug ✨

Thank you dear for this wonderful feedback! ✨ ❤️

We need to emphasize more not to put the mugs into the MW and dishwasher.

Keep on enjoying your beautiful mugs ✨

My favorite!!!
That is lovely! We are happy to be part of your motivation ✨
Thank you dear, we are happy you love it
Adinkra Set blue
Best muss ever
Thank you so much! ❤️ We are happy you like them ✨
Adinkra Set black
Love it!!!

Thank you dear ✨ we appreciate the support✨

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