Today: July 12, 2024

Attack on Titan | The Battle of Trost District Quiz

The Battle of Trost District, aka “How NOT to enter the workforce.”

Attack on Titan gives “jumping off the deep end.” a WHOLE new meaning.

Imagine you are about to graduate from college or university or whatever they call it where you’re from, and you’re excited to make your mark on the world. You have it all figured out, you know what to do next, and you’re happy because even your friends from school have decided to join you on your adventure! What did you say? That sounds too good to be true? Well, no sh*t Sherlock. The big guy drawing the shots was having the time of his life as he perfected the shading details of the Colossal Titan before he wrecked the town. AGAIN.

And Eren, bless his heart, is just trying his best. Yeah sure, you can say he rushes in without a plan and gets some people eaten, but that’s not his fault! Keith Shadis probably never had a class on “How to Analyze the Situation and Protect Your Comrades.” And even if he did, Eren probably would have struggled to pass that one too. Armin would have aced it, and Jean would have done well and rubbed it in Eren’s face during lunch.

Everything that happened is just too much for my sweet Armin. His existential crisis surprised no one, not even himself.

And poor Mikasa. Remember the moment where she thinks Eren’s done for and goes on a killing spree without any regard for her own safety? She was going through it, guys. It was like Romeo and Juliet but with less poison and more dismemberment. And I believe Shakespeare would have approved.

Speaking of dismemberment, no matter how many times I’ve watched Attack on Titan, every time they show a human getting devoured by one of the Titans, my entire body reacts. Especially when they bite into them and don’t swallow them whole.

You know what I’m talking about, right? When they take that first bite around the waist area or the head. So disgusting.

What are your Attack on Titan icks? Is it Eren screaming?

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