Today: July 12, 2024

Avatar The Last Airbender Book 1 Quiz | Part 1

The Last Airbender starts off crazy if you think about it. If I were frozen inside an iceberg for 100 years the first thing I would ask for is a phone so I can call my big sister to come pick me up.

I know, I know it’s a cArtoOn.

But Avatar The Last Airbender has a special place in my heart and is, therefore, an honorary anime.

the amount of love I have for this bald-headed child and his “gaang” is enough to elevate it to the ranks of my favorite animes. And apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way. Who knew? I will never take for granted how wonderful it was to grow up watching episode after episode on Nickelodeon in the evening. Ah, nostalgia—how you make the past seem so much better than it was!

Sokka may not have bending powers, but he is the Master of Sarcasm, and we all worship at his feet—or rather, giggle at his antics. Meanwhile, Katara is caught in glorious 720p asking an Airbender to teach her waterbending. Bless her heart.

And Aang is just like: “Avatar? I’m not the Avatar! But I know people who know people who knew him. Not me, though.”

I still remember how conflicted I was with Prince Zuko. He was so adamant about RESTORING HIS HONOR, and 12-year-old me found that incredibly annoying. Still, on the other hand, he had the BEST uncle, so he got some bonus points for that! (Those points would, of course, be deducted in season 2 for obvious reasons. Duh…)

No matter at what point in life you found The Last Airbender, it is a beautiful and rewarding show to watch and then rewatch and rewatch again.

When did you first watch The Last Airbender?

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