Today: July 12, 2024

Full of life and … positivity, Eren Mikasa and Armin join the Cadets. Welcome to the Keith Shadis Academy of becoming a badass.

Me back then: thinking Attack on Titan is gonna be an uplifting shonen anime.

Ah, cadet life – where dreams of slaying Titans clashed hilariously with reality checks and occasional potato thefts. Keith Shadis is still in therapy because of that; he is not doing so well.

Sweet Eren, my eternal optimist snorting in my cup, you kept me on the edge of my seat with your relentless determination and occasional lack of chill as well as skill. But the latter made you so much more relatable to me because you fought tooth and nail to be able to fulfill your own dream. You hustled your way through Keith Shadis’s training with the help of your friends, and I commend you for that. Lookie here, Eren, you get an A for Effort and a little star behind your name.

And then there’s Mikasa Ackerman, the embodiment of skill and stoicism. She can think on the fly and diffuse a serious situation within seconds.

Armin, bless his heart, may not be the strongest physically, but his quick thinking and genuine heart endeared him to us all, right? His journey from timid recruit (who cries too much) to indispensable ally (who only cries on special occasions) later on in the show was a joy to watch. And let’s not forget the lighter side of cadet life – Sasha and her undying love for food, Jean’s unrequited crush on Mikasa, and his constant struggle with dealing with Eren’s exhausting temperament.

As we gather here on this random page on the internet where I ramble about the Cadet Training Arc, let’s celebrate the journey of these characters – from their naive beginnings to the seasoned soldiers they became. I love how their growth over time becomes a testament to the power of courage and the resilience of the human spirit despite the odds.

Let’s relive the few good times of laughter and camaraderie that make Attack on Titan’s world so captivating and unforgettable, and try not to cry!

Drop it in the comments below, but don’t smash it too hard. You don’t want to break the comment section, do you?

What was your favorite moment from the Cadet Training episodes before it all went south?

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