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Demon Slayer | Tsuzumi Mansion Arc Quiz

Do you like literature and music? Then you have come to the right place!

Remember when the demon in the drum mansion tried to write a novel but Muzan interrupted him like, „Man, you look thin you need to hee-hee heat up some dinner and get to feasting or else you have to beat it?“ and then he moonwalked out of the frame… remember that?

Yeah, I made a quiz about that too.

Demon Slayer has curated several items for your intellect to marvel at as you stroll the Tzuzumi Mansion.

Look, here we have a drum. And over there is the other one.

Finally, my Spirit Demon Slayer appears! The stage is set for Zenitsu Agatsuma! Can you hear the cheering of the crowd? Why not? Someone is screeching uncontrollably on the side of the road making a fool of themselves, you say? Oh…

Zenitsu is all of us worrywarts who occasionally get overwhelmed by our negative emotions. His technique reveal has to be one of my favorite moments in Season 1 of Demon Slayer, followed by his performance on Mount Natagumo. Am I outing myself as a Zenitsu fangirl? Yes, I am. Loud and proud.

Don’t try to tell me you didn’t feel a thing when he protected the Box from Inosuke because I can smell a liar just as well as Tanjiro Kamado!

And yes, I have forgiven Inosuke his behavior just like I have forgiven Tanjiro for cutting his hair.
I am at peace now.

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