Today: July 12, 2024

Attack on Titan | The Fall of Shiganshina Quiz

It is a beautiful sunny day in Shiganshina. Some children are playing while others are fighting in the streets. And then there is Eren getting his behind saved by Mikasa. Business as usual until …

You should do what Attack on Titan did and wreck Shiganshina… in this quiz

Super balanced and totally normal Child-Eren started off with a big dream: to explore beyond the walls and take on Titans head-on. But then Mikasa just had to go to his mom and tattle on him, a typical overprotective-girl move. I can say that because I was always tattling on others too, not to my mom but to my bigger sister. If only Eren had a nice older sibling who could have helped him get his head straight instead of encouraging him to go fight Titans beyond the wall… Like a big brother or something? That would have TOTALLY worked, am I right?

And then we have poor Hannes thought it was just going to be a regular 9-to-5 shift when he clocked in, but boy, was he wrong. I feel bad for the guy and all those other nitwits who were slacking off on the job. They thought everything was fine because they had time to relax, drink and mess around, but things were anything but good.

And poor Armin! Getting beaten up by some jerk kids in an alley, only for Eren to run up on him like he’s psychic. “Oh, it’s Tuesday just past noon, I can sense that Armin is down that alley getting beat up. Time for me to join the party!” Thank goodness Mikasa swooped in like the companion Pokémon she is to save the day… Until everything gets flipped upside down. Well, fate has a funny way of testing dreams, doesn’t it? Watching his world crumble as the Titans broke through the Wall was a chilling introduction to the series and had me begging for more.
Oh wait, that’s not right. The first time I was introduced to Attack on Titan it was 2AM in the morning and I fell asleep… you can’t blame me for that, can you?

Nevermind, take my hand, as long as I have one and let’s relive the trauma together in the comment section below.

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