Today: July 12, 2024

A spy, a telepath, and an assassin walk into a bar.
And walk out with a dog.

Spy x Family: Legume addiction in telepathic children is absolutely normal.

Who knew watching a pretend family act like the real deal would have my heartstrings in knots the entire time?
I’m still not 100% sure what my favorite moments from the first half of season one were 😭, but if I had to rank them right now it would look like this:

#3 Yor and Loid’s “Engagement” 😂

Loid proposes to Yor behind a dumbster

I mean the sparks were literally flying, am I right, or am I right?
What I like about Loid and Yor is how matter of fact they are about the whole thing.

Loid Forger: You wanna get married so my child can get into Eden College?
Yor Briar: Absolutely, I love the security it provides me so I can continue my side hustle as an assassin.
Loid Forger : Come again? I didn’t catch that my ears were still ringing from that grenade.
Yor Briar: Oh, it’s nothing…


Of course, Agent Twilight loses it! We all would have done the same, let’s be honest.
And I also would have paid good money to see what Yor would have done, I kid you not. If you told me I had to double the amount of my Crunchyroll subscription to watch an imaginary scenario of Yor throwing hands with the teacher and Loid applauding in the background, I would have pounced on the opportunity.

#1 The Moment Anya waited for Loid in Episode 1 🥲

It was just the perfect start for this Anime and set the tone perfectly. I cried. You cried. He/She/It cried. It was beautiful. 🩵

I just realized I skipped Yuri but now you can say it was your favourite scene. See, it totally works out!

Drop a comment on your favourite scene or character!

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